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In 2011, I was in a head on, roll over car accident. It instantaneously changed life as I knew it. I was left with neurological problems, a head injury and lasting issues to my frontal lobe. Among other things, deficits with short term memory, processing and cognitive issues took rein over daily life functions. In essence, I had and still have to learn new ways to navigate through everyday life. Total dismantlement of how I knew things to be is an understatement.

I looked to everyone around me and on social media for encouragement, positive sayings and quotes just to get through the day. It occurred to me that as I was struggling but still managing, I wanted to be that source of inspiration to others. I want to inspire those who feel they are broken and doubt their abilities to move forward.

The truth is, we all have struggles others cannot see or possibly understand. We all wrestle with issues in our lives. No matter how dark of a cloud we are under; no matter how different we are from before; or how long and winding the road appears to be; we must find our strength and bring out our inner warrior. As we move forward in our own way, there is a transformation from victim to victor. We must lift each other up and bring each other to the light again: with encouragement and support.

I am here by example to say: If I can and am doing it, then UCAN2!

My mission is to motivate, inspire, give hope and promote strength through this sometimes crazy journey in life. UCAN2 is the fierce inspiration that radiates positivity among each of us, and will connect us in a powerful way to encourage and support one another. Life is about helping each other along the way and making a difference. So, give someone a smile; kind words; boost their confidence and tell them “You can do it. UCAN2!” You never know who you are inspiring.

Never ever give up! Whenever you are in doubt, believe that UCAN2

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