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Celebrate Love Celebrate Love
Oh sweet Valentine. On this day of love, how will you celebrate? Will you celebrate loudly, or not at all? Do you have a happy heart, or not so...
Facing our Fears Facing our Fears
Today is a day many dread and perceive as a bad luck day. Today specifically, is a day I’ve feared for the last five years and marks the exact...
Good Vibes in my Tribe Good Vibes in my Tribe
Every now and then I appear in a photo (that’s me on the right). Soon you will learn more about what’s behind the creator and founder of Ucan2; how...
I decided to make a change. So I did. I decided to make a change. So I did.
Every day is a new chance. Once you decide to make a change, take action. Get laser focused; set goals, make a plan and do it! #NoExcuses
Feeling Blessed Feeling Blessed
If you’re up and moving, you are blessed. And if you’re up and moving near a beautiful view, you’re even more blessed. My outside beach gym for a few...
Excuses? Forget them. Excuses? Forget them.
Kick your excuses to the curb! If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way. Start DOING! TODAY!